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Synaptics came to me as a freelance web and graphic designer, initially for a contract project to design a logo for their Leadership Framework campaign, which was a huge initiative for the company to improve and foster a healthy culture and talent ecosystem. The contract quickly evolved into full campaign creative direction with marketing guidelines to pass along to additional team members. This involved creating sales print materials, tradesheow booth, banner and event signage, packaging and card inserts for the framework itself, and all supporting marketing collateral.

Listening to their goal of cultivating a culture where employees feel comfortable enough to build their own career path, with seven main objectives to the framework, made me think of the atom and how individual molecules have to work together to achieve one goal, similar to the seven main objectives achieving one career path. Synaptics had already-established marketing assets that needed to cohesively integrate into the new campaign.

synaptic internal culture campaign design.png
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