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StrainConnect - Progressive Web App

StrainConnect is a consumer app that personalizes cannabis & CBD product recommendations using a proprietary, bioscience-backed algorithm while collecting valuable industry efficacy data.

The premise of StrainConnect is to navigate the “canna-curious” through the overwhelming mess of CBD and cannabis products. By putting the “puzzle pieces” of ones’ health, desires and the right products together, StrainConnect is helping individuals feel complete or “whole” again. This is where the puzzle-piece logo was derived. In-depth data analysis showed females between the ages of 35-65 were the key market, so we wanted to appeal to the “soccer moms” who were curious about adding CBD and cannabis to their daily wellness regimen. Although the product was wellness-driven, we wanted to stay away from “medical blue” and decided to stay with calming purples with hints of teal.

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Included initials into geometric logo mark. ”LCP” is shown in red.
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