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As a designer I am tapping into my creativity to bring kindness and funds to our neighbors and organizations in need. The following campaign is the beginning of my designer "iMadd" series. "iMadd" takes literal meaning in "I'm Mad." My personal take on our current political & social climate is that if you're mad, then do something about it...NOW'S THE TIME! As a busy mother & business owner, this is my way to contribute. Therefore, each design campaign I run will benefit a community organization that works hard at caring & advocating for others in need.


"she is fierce" Campaign

Let's utilize National Women's Day as a catalyst to empower our girls to think big, be bold and persevere. All profits made from this campaign will be directly donated to the Woman's Law Project. WLP is a leading voice in the fight for equal access to reproductive healthcare, improving institutional response to all forms of violence against women, challenging sex & gender discrimination, and advocating for workplace equality and economic justice. Based in PA, WLP has a significant track record of national influence.

So, for the price of a happy hour, choose to advocate for our daughters, nieces, goddaughters and friends instead.


All funds are submitted directly to the charity. No funds pass through RMCreative or iMadd.co. 
All campaigns are conducted via third-party fundraising site.
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