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Formation Data Systems (FDS) came to me as a freelance web and graphic designer, initially for a contract project to design collateral for their recently funded startup. This began as your standard business card and stationary design, and quickly moved into website creative assets. Their goal was to create a simple approach to their complicated platform. Utilizing Information Architecture, I was able to suggest a level of organization to their consumer-facing website, which provided a more friendly, user-centric design experience. I created a custom icon library to clearly define their complicated services in easy-to-grasp icons, which were utilized throughout their web, social and print collateral.

As their marketing team brainstormed campaign ideas, I sat in on meetings and suggested potential ways to take the campaign to the next level with unique design and creative assets. For example, the Oxfam Charity Campaign would donate a goat to a family in need just for attending a demo. The FDS colors were bold, and they liked to be “cheeky”, so we were able to translate that into bold and cheeky marketing materials, which included the full campaign design and execution, one-sheets, signage, posters, banners, buttons, print collateral, digital assets, media assets for podcast and social media, etc.

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